Please note that a detailed description of the scope of the inspection must be provided with the inspection request. A more detailed description must be provided with photos/videos that are used to satisfy the required inspections. 

                                            PATS (Permit Application and Tracking System) IS COMING SOON!!! 

Currently we are not 
accepting inspection requests via our new Permit Application & Tracking System, PATS. You may submit your inspection request to or by phone at 970-920-5532

Please note:  ZONING/PLANNING/ENGINEERING inspections generally will not occur next/same business day.  These departments will contact you upon receiving your inspection request to schedule.

*Please Note:  If you are submitting a CITY Inspection Request, please submit a request at  DO NOT submit City's Inspection Request on this form.

Email questions to the Building Department. Please include your name, phone number and a permit number or job address if your question relates to a specific project.

Inspection Information