Titling & Registering a Vehicle from Out-of State

All out-of-state surrendered documents require a VIN inspection report from Colorado law enforcement.

To register and/or title a vehicle from another state, the following documents are required:
  • Out-of-State Registration - If you surrender only an out-of-state registration, you will be issued a Colorado registration only. You will not be issued a Colorado title.
    • Current registration is acceptable
    • Expired registration is acceptable, if it is less than 6 months expired
    • A copy of the title is acceptable, if no transfer of ownership occurring
    • Some states issue a document that is the title and registration combined. This document is acceptable if it is submitted to our office before the expiration date
    • Your out-of-state title is still valid for transfer of ownership. If the out-of-state title becomes lost or destroyed, you will need to contact the state in which it was issued in order to replace the title
    Out-of-State Title - You will be issued a Colorado title and registration if you surrender your out-of-state title. To receive a Colorado title, an out-of-state title must be surrendered.
    • We strongly recommend surrendering your out-of-state title when you register your car, if possible
    • Upon the surrender of your out-of-state, a Colorado title will be mailed to you in approximately 8 weeks
  • Vehicle Identification Number Inspection (VIN) REQUIRED ON ALL OUT OF STATE TRANSACTIONS!

    • VIN inspections can be done by a Colorado licensed dealer, a Colorado licensed emission station or a Colorado law enforcement officer. 
  • Proof of insurance
    • Proof of insurance is required to register your vehicle in Colorado
    • An out-of-state policy is acceptable
    • For additional information go to the insurance resource
  • Colorado Residency Establishment
  • If you purchased a vehicle Out-of-State and have never titled it in your name please see Buying a Vehicle, additional documents may be required.